Hello, I'm Utkarsh.
I'm a Communication Designer based in India.

Have a look at my work below.



Future Fiction

Branding and website of Future Fiction, a new platform that addresses the future of Indian digital expressions.

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The Panjim Trail

Coming soon, Graduation Project at Quicksand. (2018)

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Type in Motion

Type + A word + Motion. In the process, challenging myself to further my skills across various tools. And having a lot of fun.

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An app that quizzes the user to judge their emotional quotient.

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Material & Mind

Album art for Material & Mind, the debut album of Saptak Chatterjee, an upcoming pop singer whose music combines western influences with his Hindustani classical origins.

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1984 Title Sequence

Title sequence for George Orwell's seminal dystopian novel 1984.

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VC 17- Summer Pop

Visual Identity & motion graphics for the Visual Communication team at the college annual festival- Monsoon Fiesta (2017).

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Psycho (1960) Interactive Poster

An interactive poster for Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece Psycho.

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Colour & Chemistry

Chemistry is beautiful. For a student project in a college course about Colour, we decided to study colour changes in chemical reactions. Revisiting chemistry and utilizing knowledge we owe to our science backgrounds and by doing further research, we tried to document the breathtaking beauty of chemical reactions and the colours that are produced when different substances come together.

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Gendered Virtual Assistants

Data Visualization about Gender and Virtual Assistants.

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Film Posters

As a member of the Film Club at the National Institute of Design- Ahmedabad, a student body that conducts film screenings on campus, I often make posters promoting the screenings. These are some posters I have made for films screened. It's my way of paying tribute to films I love while also developing hand/ digital skills and exploring techniques.

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