Colour & Chemistry

Chemistry is beautiful. For a student project in a college course about Colour, we decided to study colour changes in chemical reactions. Revisiting chemistry and utilizing knowledge we owe to our science backgrounds and by doing further research, we tried to document the breathtaking beauty of chemical reactions and the colours that are produced when different substances come together.

Course: Colour-2, 2016
Guide: Rupesh Vyas
Students: Aayushi Katare, Utkarsh Chaturvedi
Institute: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Research, Execution, and Direction: Aayushi Katare, Utkarsh Chaturvedi
Camera Assistance: Vishal Ranapura
Editing: Utkarsh Chaturvedi

Music: Massive Attack- Teardrop
This is a not-for-commercial-purpose student project and I do not own the rights to the music. All rights lie with Massive Attack.

We started with going back to our school textbooks and studying chemistry again. Researching on reactions from the internet and books, we shortlisted reactions that we were interested in conducting. We tried to collect the available substances from the institute, as the the dyeing and printing labs and the ceramics studio make use of many chemicals, we inquired what chemicals were available and if they are available for use. After making a note of the available reactants, we once again shortlisted reactions that were feasible. We also looked at what chemicals would be feasible if bought from outside the campus.

The dyeing lab was the site of our experiments, as a lot of required equipment was available there it was a great setup for us to work in. After spending many hours running tests and carrying out trial experiments, we began to conduct the experiments and recorded the experiments with a high fps camera under a macro lens.

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